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Knitted Temperature Scarf: Summer Update

I haven’t done a temperature scarf update in quite some time and I’m not quite sure why! So today is the day to catch you up on what all has happened since April (yeah, that’s what I said too. way too long ago)

If you remember from April, I decided to make three scarves instead of one huge long one! So I had the first four months of the year on one and I’ll be doing May-August on another one, then September-December on the last one.

First Scarf

temp scarf

So this is a picture of the completed second scarf!

Summer Temperature Scarf
Summer Temperature Scarf

It was a fairly warm summer! The temperature obviously dipped into lower degrees throughout the day, but the highest recorded temp was always above 70°!

It’s about 18 inches shorter than the winter one and I think that’s due to the fact that I did garter stitch this go round instead of stockinette stitch. So it’s about 36 inches long!

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Crocheting a Unicorn

A friend of mine found a pattern online for a knitted, stuffed unicorn. She sent it to me to make for her, but we realized we had to pay for the pattern. Then my birthday rolls around and I find, as part of my present, that I have a pattern for a stuffed unicorn! It’s actually been neat to work on because it’s different than anything I’ve ever done before! It’s an animal and it’s “3D”…which I’ve never done either of those before!

The two pieces of the body were so easy. Though I probably made them more difficult than necessary because I double and triple counted the rows like 10 times each! I was so worried that I would be a row off and since I have to match it up to the other side of its body…..I figured I’d rather quadruple count my rows!😝

The legs weren’t bad either, just a little annoying because they were so narrow. This was the first thing I got to stuff with the stuffing!! So that was exciting for me! I have all of the legs done as of right now.

I crocheted two ears and a horn!! I actually really enjoyed these pieces too because they were a unique size and method. They are super cute!

Crocheted Unicorn Pieces
Crocheted Unicorn Pieces

I’ve got all the individual pieces made and I’m getting excited to see the finished product!

Stay tuned for another unicorn update!