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Wintery Canvas Paintings

I absolutely love crafting and one of my favorites is painting. It takes me into another world and I feel so posh while I’m painting canvases. A few months ago a local craft store did a buy 3, get 3 free canvases. Now. If you do anything with canvases, you understand that this is the steal of the century. I was wild with excited and motored on over! I bought a big long one (that I did my balloon dart painting on), a nine pack of small squares, and a larger squareish one. The 3 others went a friend of mine, as we went halfsies on this deal. Now these canvases below aren’t the ones I bought on this wicked sale, but I just am using this as an excuse to tell you about that delightful sale.

Anywho, the point of this post is to show you my two festive winter paintings. The penguin one was a little stressful to do as it was “human like”. I had to get it to look like a friendly animate object. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. He’s so dang cute!! Even as I went back and reread this post before it went up, I was super impressed and really proud of it.


The Joy Tree one….my only fuss is with the letters. I never paint words or letters because my handwriting is awful, ergo, my painted handwriting is going to be way worse. I used a letter template that my friend had, but made a mistake and had to paint over it. I was quite distraught over how it ended up because you can see it underneath the new letters, but I was unsure of how to fix it and ended up leaving it alone.


Do you enjoy painting or what’s your crafty outlet? Do you have anything festive you’ve created?

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I decided I would use today to go back through the last 12 months and see just what all occurred in 2018! So join me for this little trip down my memory lane 🙂


I have been able to attend quite a few concerts due to getting free tickets through my job. This month we got to go see Luke Bryan again and I was thrilled!! I went with my family and a coworker, as she got tickets as well. So we enjoyed each others company from box seats while jamming out to some good ole Luke Bryan!!

A group of us did an Escape House…not just a room. A house. It was three rooms that you had to work through and it was crazy cool. We almost…literally like 3 minutes away….beat the record!

When the hurricanes hit in the fall of 2017, I immediately said I wanted to go out and be apart of the clean up crew. Our church finally snagged a spot to go to Texas in February of 2018. It was quite a while after they first hit, but there was still so much damage and mess everywhere. It was heartbreaking to drive down the interstate and see the “median” piled 8 and 9 feet high with trash for miles down the road. The sad part was that it was all trash, but you could see it was people’s belongings. Boats, mattresses, furniture. This trip was one of the best missions trips that I have ever been apart of and just an absolutely amazing experience. I have always wanted to be apart of demolition and I got my chance! We tore down this elderly gentleman’s enormous house by the coast. What an awesome opportunity for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Just a couple weeks later my family and I had the chance to spend a vacation that we had been gifted in Marcos Island, Florida. We had an awesome time lazing around the pool and snooping for shells on the beach. A nice relaxing time for us as a family.img_1669


I celebrated 4 years of working at my current job and 2 years in the position I am currently in! I have been given so many opportunities and experiences outside of this job because of this job. It’s taught me a lot about myself and my attitude. It’s taught me even more about working with people and learning to be helpful and friendly even when they don’t deserve it. To say this has been an opportunity of a lifetime….yeah that about nails it. God has blessed me undeniably with this job and I couldn’t be more thankful.


If you’ve read my About page or any of my early posts about my cats, you’ll know that I had three cats. Two tan boys and one black girl. I loved them ever so much. But (you had to know it was coming) we had a few run ins with them in a short amount of time that pushed our patience over the edge. Fleas, for weeks, so gross. Pestering to be in if they were out. Dying to get out if they were in. The tip of the iceberg came and we made the sickening decision to give them up for adoption. It was a really tough time for us all and there are days where I’d kill to have them back. But. They are in homes now that love them all day and night long because they can be inside cats. And that’s what I remind myself of when I start to get teary eyed and missing them.



We took a vacation to Surf City, NC with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We stayed in the sister house of the house we vacationed in the year before. We had an absolute blast! We stayed up late playing games, jammed piles of veggie straws in our mouths, we raced off the beach to take pictures of a freak beach lightning storm, we sunned, and even chased a tent down the beach. It was a lovely relaxing time with close family.


I went fishing for the first time ever and, eventually, caught my first fish!! Y’all this was one of the most fun evenings I have had. I was out with two of my greatest friends and we laughed so hard. We sweat so much. It was blazing hot out!! (ps – if you haven’t read my post about the fishing trip…you ought to check it out for a good laugh and eye roll)

a little tiny fish

July was the month for firsts!! I got my first tattoo after talking about it for months. I was thrilled with the entire experience!. The shop and the artist were lovely. The final product was perfect. The pain…nonexistent really. It couldn’t have gone better and I was the first of my posse of friends to do it! That’s the part that gives me just a little extra oomph.

Also in July I celebrated one year of this crazy blog! It’s so wild to think that I, a no one in the internet world, a not so hot writer, and a bumbling gal, has a blog that I would consider successful!! I’m so proud of what I have been able to do and so happy to have met the sweet friends that I have.


A couple of us traveled to Florida for a work conference! We stayed in the hotel of all hotels, dined at some new places we don’t have back home, and got to try some new foods. It was such a neat experience for me. It was an odd feeling, but this trip honestly made me feel like such a little kid. Everyone there was much older than me and I felt like a tagalong, but props to everyone as no one treated me as such. So the longer the weekend went, the feeling dissipated! It was an encouraging and a really swell time!


My family started vacationing with a family from church about 7 or 8 years ago and now they are the family we usually go with each year. They have a son my age and we get along really well. (understatement of the century) Very long story, many years, heartbreaks, mistakes, good times, experiences, etc. later…we have started dating again and I literally couldn’t be happier. In the words of a friend “your love life is literally a romance movie” and it’s so true. Someone could write a book about it and it would fit right in with all the other love stories. You know how they say “When you know, you know.” I’ve fully believed it for years and I’m hear to say “When you know, you know.” When this post goes up, we’ll have been together for a little over three months!! ❤

My mum won tickets from a radio station to a Thomas Rhett concert. My dad declined, so I hopped in his place and took a little road trip. I had seen him in concert with Jason Aldean a year or two ago, but this time he was the main show. My gosh, he knows what he is doing. It was a party from start to finish!! We had an absolutely smashing time! Brett Young was an opener and dang, he is phenom too!


I was added an extra task at work, but along with that extra task came a raise!! It’s nice to be in a work place where you are appreciated. The additional work is going quite well.  I have found a groove with it and now I feel fairly comfortable with the task!

I found out that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was coming to my state and my boyfriend (we weren’t dating at the time) and I snagged tickets in September for when they came in November. What an experience this was!! It was a just as much a show as it was a concert. They have fire and lasers going off all over the stage. The music…oh my word. Excellent!! They do a version of Carol of the Bells and it was incredible! We had a fantastic time!


My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to a greenhouse/conservatory/garden. It was the most amazing place!! I’m a plant lady and proud of it, so I was geeking out to say the least. It was like every time I turned around “oh my gosh! look how cool this one is!” “This is the neatest plant ever” “dude, you have to check this one out!” He was a champ and had a really good time as well, which meant a lot to me. There were all sorts of Christmas trees and poinsettias everywhere. They had trees inside and out decorated with Christmas lights. It was so beautiful to look at. My aunt and uncle had visited another conservatory type place over the summer and he said we are definitely going to be making a trip there. Fine by me!

Well, there’s my 2018 in a nutshell. Here’s to 2019 and the many excitements and wild turns it’s likely to bring!