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Knitted Temperature Scarf: Completed!!

Today is the day ladies and gents that you get to see the completed project that I have been working on for 365 days. My Temperature Scarf!!

If you remember from my original post, I listed all the “rules” and then later on in April I decided to make three scarves instead of one huge long one! So I had January, February, March, and April on one. It was pretty chilly due to where I live, but with bursts of warmth randomly due to two different trips to some southern states. I had a darn troubling time trying to get it to lay flat, shown in my weird edges. I finally squared that away in my second scarf. It’s about 54″ long.

First Scarf

1st Temperature Scarf

May, June, July and August were the months of my second scarf and this scarf was much, much shorter due to garter stitch instead of stockinette. It was a lot warmer weather and actually fairly consistent. It was really a great reminder that our summers aren’t freezing even though we usually fuss that they are. This one is about 36″ long.

Second Scarf

2nd Temperature Scarf


September, October, November, and December make up the last third of the year and my last scarf!! There is a lot of blues in this section, which was to be expected, though the temperatures didn’t dip quite as low as the beginning of the year in January. My only issue with this third scarf is that I forgot to knit the white rows to divide November from December!! It was too far back for me to rip it all out, so I’ll just try to ignore that error. I did a different pattern this time. It was a four row repeat….knit, knit decrease, knit increase, and purl. I didn’t love doing it, but the pattern turned out kind of nice! It’s about 39″ long.

Third Scarf

 Third Temperature Scarf

I am so proud of myself for doing this scarf and sticking with it for a whole year! I honestly can’t believe I did it! But…having said that…I am looking forward to not having this project lurking in the shadows at all time. No long outstanding projects anymore. Just one project at a time. Makes my mind feel much more at ease.

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Knitted Temperature Scarf: Summer Update

I haven’t done a temperature scarf update in quite some time and I’m not quite sure why! So today is the day to catch you up on what all has happened since April (yeah, that’s what I said too. way too long ago)

If you remember from April, I decided to make three scarves instead of one huge long one! So I had the first four months of the year on one and I’ll be doing May-August on another one, then September-December on the last one.

First Scarf

temp scarf

So this is a picture of the completed second scarf!

Summer Temperature Scarf
Summer Temperature Scarf

It was a fairly warm summer! The temperature obviously dipped into lower degrees throughout the day, but the highest recorded temp was always above 70°!

It’s about 18 inches shorter than the winter one and I think that’s due to the fact that I did garter stitch this go round instead of stockinette stitch. So it’s about 36 inches long!