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Leo….you continue to wow me

Okay, I know so many people dislike Leonardo DiCaprio, but I think he is an excellent actor and does a fantastic job in everything. I think he is able to make you believe he is who he’s acting, and he does it well.
One of the “line items” on my Life Long List is to watch all of his movies, just like Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. So I thought I would gather them all here and note which I have seen, etc. There are 40 according to Google and I have seen 7 of them as of 03/01/19. I am honestly totally shocked and extremely disappointed in myself at this low number!
  1. Critters 3
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. This Boy’s Life
  4. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  5. The Basketball Diaries
  6. The Quick and the Dead
  7. Total Eclipse
  8. Romeo & Juliet
  9. Marvin’s Room
  10. Titanic – my favorite movie of all time, ever. hands down.
  11. The Man in the Iron Mask
  12. Celebrity
  13. The Beach
  14. Don’s Plum
  15. Gangs of New York
  16. Catch Me If You Can – Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio…I am so in!
  17. The Aviator
  18. The Departed
  19. Blood Diamond
  20. Gardener of Eden
  21. The 11th Hour
  22. Body of Lies
  23. Revolutionary Road – started, but probably won’t finish
  24. Orphan
  25. Shutter Island – I read the book first and then when I found out that he was the actor, I of course, had to watch it. Great movie!
  26. Hubble
  27. Inception – can you say “excellent writing” holy moly.
  28. Red Riding Hood
  29. J. Edgar
  30. Django Unchained
  31. The Great Gatsby – I love the 20s and I love Leo. This movie was honestly so very good. Tobery Maguire did and excellent job too.
  32. Runner Runner
  33. Out of the Furnace
  34. The Wolf of Wall Street
  35. The Revenant
  36. The Ivory Game
  37. Before the Flood
  38. Live by Night
  39. Delirium
  40. Robin Hood
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The Lovelies of Autumn

Some enjoy sunning in the toastiness of summer. Some find happiness in the crystalline structures of snow in winter. Others are enthralled with the fresh blooms of spring. I do enjoy all the differences of each season, but what I really love….is the beauty of autumn. It’s rather difficult to capture my love for autumn with letters and photos. But my hope is that you are able to understand and empathize in my delight of autumn after reading along.

the sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees🍃

the knowledge that I can start reading my “scary” TBR list that I’ve been planning since June👻📚

after a lovely rain, the leaves are flattened against the roads we travel over


early, dark nights🌚

round and bushy mums in their maroon and yellow hues gracing front stairways

crafty nights with my yarn and audiobooks

the collage of pumpkins and gourds of all colors decorating end tables🎃

Enter a caption

being able to spruce up my office with leaf window clings🍁

the unstated understanding that hoodies are now more widely acceptable at all times

football games🏈

watching “fall bucket lists” pop up on Pinterest📝

the knowledge that, at any time with no notice, plans may be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions #totallyintroverted

the idea of all things pumpkin spice (even though I do not enjoy the taste at all)🎃🤷🏼‍♀️

being able to come home and put on sweatpants and slippers and be oh so comfy all night long


apple cider and hot soup☕️🍵

darker nail polish