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Quick and Easy Crochet Projects

I went traveling for work back in August and decided the plane rides would be the perfect opportunity to crochet together some different things! I saved four different patterns that were super simple to read and just as easy to do. The picture below is of the four finished patterns.


Cool Crochet Multi Colored Christmas Socks

You’ve got to head to the website and look at all the neat socks she’s created. I love all the colors and I can’t wait to do some of the same crazy colored socks!! It was a crazy simple pattern and the easiest sock pattern I have worked with so far.

MangoTree Crafts Basic Cluster Stitch Beanie

She has patterns made up for premies up to adults, which is crazy helpful as I can’t adjust a pattern that easily. I’ll probably end up sticking with the smaller sizes for a while because they come together so quickly. They are perfect for shoeboxes in Operation Christmas Child!

Tangled Happy Two-Tone Mitten

Oh….this pattern….how wonderful this was up until the cuff. Go look at the website and see her delightfully perfect cuff. Then see my wide and “stretched out” hideousness. I’ll have to mess with it some and see what I can do to fix that.

Morrow Sunshine Bobble Ear Warmer

I loved this pattern!! The texture of it is phenomenal because of all the bobbles. Such a unique and fun project to work on. It was available on Ravelry for free, but it seems to no longer be up there.


What is your go to pattern for quick and easy work?

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Crocheted Pumpkins

It’s hard to say where this new obsession came from or how it started, but I can confirm that it is an obsession. I found a pattern for a crocheted pumpkin and thus my Ravelry account became inundated with saved patterns for pumpkins.🎃 I’ve tried four so far and want to share my successes and pumpkin beauty with you!!

pumpkins of all shapes and sizes

Single and Half Double Crocheted Pumpkin

This orange one was the very first pumpkin I crocheted and I rather like it! It’s crocheted in rows and then stitched together at the end instead of crocheting in the round like the next two. The one mistake I did make was that I forgot to crochet in the back loop only, therefore I am missing the ribbing up and down the pumpkin. I think it turned out just lovely though! One tip if you would go to make it, whatever row you are currently going to crochet (ie 5 hdc or 9 hdc), that ridge will be facing away from you. So you’ll see the short ridge/rib of 5 hdc facing away whenever you are supposed to be crocheting 5 hdc. Make sense?

Single and Double Crochet Pumpkin

I did the pattern for the smallest pumpkin in a dark brown color and it was a test on my patience, but it’s by far my favorite design and shape. Once I started on the decrease and took my stitch marker out… went downhill from there. I kept having way too many extra stitches when I was supposed to be done with a row. So, learn from me and LEAVE THE STITCH MARKER IN. (side note, I would have completely ran out of yarn if I followed the pattern completely😰 so I believe I cut out two rows of the round 6 repeat. I think it turned out just fine!) I used the stalk from the first pattern above as I needed the base of the stalk to cover the top of the pumpkin as it wasn’t as tight as I would’ve liked it to be and the stuffing was showing through. I can’t imagine how big the medium and large pumpkin are as I think this small one is pretty big!!

Straight Up Single Crochet Pumpkin

This pumpkin pattern I found on here in the Reader and saved it for later. Mine looks nothing like hers, but I seemed to have followed the instructions exactly. So I’m not quite sure what I did🤔 I love the mustard yellow coloring of this pumpkin though and I think the twine is a fun addition. I have a very hard time, in all crafts, adding a second type of material. Knitting or crocheting is yarn and yarn only. Quilling is paper only. BUT I took a chance here….and I’m very happy with the result! It’s kind of funky cause it’s so tall haha but I think it’s neat because I’ve seen taller pumpkins before in real life and it adds variety to the patch.

Knit Lookalike Crocheted Pumpkin

I thought the second pumpkin tried my patience….no, no, no. This tan pumpkin was the feistiest one! She says specifically to crochet loosely, and I forgot until about the 30th, out of 35, row to do that🙁 It’s the tiniest one I’ve done so far, and while I didn’t like that at first, I’m super pleased with it!! I did make my first I-cord for the stem of this pumpkin though, so that was cool!

pick of the patch