So a while back I posted a Chat question on long life or wealth to get your minds thinking. Today I’d like to pose another Chat question!

Question 3

If you could choose the sex of your unborn child, would you want to?

I saw this question and thought it was pretty neat since it’s something you can’t do no matter how advanced society and technology becomes (I wouldn’t think at least) I haven’t ever been pregnant or had any kids, but I know, just from being alive, that people are always asking women if they’d prefer to have a boy or girl. Most people I know have had an opinion on the matter and have leaned one way or the other for whatever their personal preference is. Even if you would ask the soon to be dad, he’s probably got an opinion as well.

My Thoughts

If I could choose…..I’d choose to have boys! From working with kids in school and in church, I feel that I can relate with boys better. I find it much easier to get down on their level and goof around with them. They are rough and tumble, wrestle and silliness. It could also be that I grew up with five cousins who are all boys and so that’s what makes me more comfortable! So if I could choose…..boys it would be!

What do you think about this?


CHAT – Boys or Girls?

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Blogmas 2018!

So it has turned into December. Our fall leaves and festive Thanksgiving window clings are gone and now is the time to put up the winter snowflakes and Christmas lights! We’ve already had our first snow where I live and so it’s about time we have our first post for Blogmas this year.

Now you might be thinking…

What in the world is Blogmas?

I am so glad you asked because I said the same thing when I first started blogging and I almost ignored it completely because I felt silly for asking when everybody else seemed to know what it was! But I would have missed out on so much fun, seriously….it’s an absolute blast!! Blogmas is where you blog about wintery or Christmasy things in the weeks during December and up to Christmas. You can do a daily post or you can do it as The 12 Days of Christmas! I choose to do it as the 12 Days version so as to not completely overwhelm myself. It is completely fun, especially if you have friends that are going to do it alongside you! And this year, I have some friends who plan to participate with me! Keep an eye on AJ, Mischenko, and Amber’s blogs to see their 12 Days of Christmas!

Last year you might have followed along with the 12 Days that I did from Abbey Co. Seattle. I had an absolute blast with it and decided that this year I wanted to create my own 12 Days!! So without further ado here are the guidelines for my 12 Days of Christmas.

  • use the image provided in each post, so that way anyone who might jump in later can see what the plan is for the month.
  • for sure link back to me, Abbey@ThreeCatsandaGirl, so that way I can celebrate your Christmas with you and maybe get some ideas of how to create festive enjoyment!
  • spread Christmas cheer in the way you know best!

Can’t wait to read what everyone has in store for this month! Enjoy your family, friends, and coworkers. Celebrate and be merry!

Check out my 12 Days of Christmas page and see the “Table of Contents” to all my 12 Days posts! 🙂