My Life Long List

I can’t begin to express to you the excitement I have with this page! I have been encouraged to create my own Life List and I decided I should do it now instead of waiting for a better time. (there is no better time, today is it!) Today is the perfect time for it. Make it big. Make it long, large, crazy, outrageous, outlandish even! I want to create a space where I can lay out all the things I would love to do in my life and then track what I have done and where I have been, etc.

This list will ebb and flow as my tastes and desires change. I am going to put anything and everything on this list. Nothing is too big or too small to be included! It will be sorted in categories (eat, visit, see, etc) and if it is linked, it will be to the corresponding blog post (unless otherwise stated).

Adventure with me!!


 2017, 2018, 2019

  1. Play messy Twister
  2. Play a “round”/game of every board game in my closet in one night
  3. Play a complete game of every card game in my closet in one night
  4. Complete a game of Monopoly (January 2019 with my boyfriend..he smoked me)
  5. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  6. Pillow fight!!!
  7. Leave notes in my favorite books at a library or bookstore
  8. Learn how to make wax seals (February 2018)
  9. Make soap
  10. Create a piece of pottery
  11. Make candles
  12. Learn enough calligraphy to address envelopes
  13. Attend an official bingo night
  14. Plant a tree
  15. Make a balloon popping painting (July 2018)
  16. Have a full body massage
  17. Rent a movie and MST it
  18. Start a blog (July 2017)
  19. Paint a mural of sorts on a wall
  20. Knit a 365 Temperature Scarf (2018)


2015, 2019

  1. Bake through an entire cookbook (in progress 2018-2019)
  2. Cook through an entire cookbook (in progress 2019)
  3. Learn how to bake bread
  4. Eat escargot(June 2015)
  5. Take cooking classes
  6. Take baking classes
  7. Bake a baked Alaska
  8. Bake frangipan
  9. Bake a genoise sponge
  10. Make a chocolate ganache
  11. Make meringue
  12. Make a jam for a dessert
  13. Make ratatouille
  14. Make Beef Wellington
  15. Learn how to make cheesecake
  16. Eat a F’Real milkshake at a Sheetz gas station


  1. All of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies 7/40
  2. All of Sandra Bullock’s movies 9/48
  3. All of Tom Hanks’ movies 22/50
  4. All seasons of Bones 5/12 (halfway through 5 right now)
  5. All seasons of Seinfeld 7/9 (partially through 8 right now)
  6. All seasons of The Great British Baking Show 5/7 (need series 1 & 2. only the ones with Mel & Sue.)
  7. All seasons of GBBO: Masterclass 3/4 (2018)


  1. 50 Classics in 5 Years (list here) 18/50
  2. A book set in each of the 50 states (AL, CA, FL, IN, LA, MA, MD, MO, NC, NE, NH, NY, OH, OR, PA, VA, VT, WY) 18/50
  3. A-Z Authors (list here) 17/26
  4. A-Z Titles (list here) 18/26


2018, 2019

  1. Stay in a lodge in the woods/mountains in winter
  2. Stay in a cabin in the woods/mountains in summer
  3. Hike in Hawaii
  4. See a volcano in Hawaii
  5. Wade through a cranberry bog
  6. Travel first class (August 2018-work trip)
  7. Swim with dolphins
  8. Climb a rockwall
  9. Have a mud fight
  10. Run in a mud run
  11. Run in a Warrior Dash (link to website)
  12. Run in a Spartan Race (link to website)
  13. Go for a drive locally and make right turns only. See where we end up! Photograph!
  14. Same as above, but in an unfamiliar location
  15. Go geocaching
  16. Go fishing (June 2018)
  17. Go to a rodeo
  18. Visit a vineyard
  19. Go to a food truck festival (inspired by Kat)
  20. Travel on a train
  21. Ride a segway
  22. Ride in a hot air balloon
  23. Ride on a sailboat
  24. Ride a double-decker bus…on the top deck
  25. Ride an elephant
  26. Ride a camel
  27. Ride horses freely in a huge field
  28. Milk a cow
  29. Pet/hug a monkey
  30. ”            ” baby bear
  31. ”            ” tiger cub and/or tiger
  32. ”            ” lion cub and/or lion
  33. Go to a masquerade ball
  34. Go to a big city theater
  35. Go to a symphony
  36. Attend a jazz concert
  37. Go to the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, or the Kentucky Derby and wear a big fancy hat
  38. Go to a Miami Heat game
  39. Go to a Boston Celtics game
  40. Go to the Olympics
  41. Go to a kitty cafe
  42. See Justin Bieber in concert
  43. See Rascal Flatts in concert
  44. See the Nutcracker on multiple stages (1 so far)
  45. Be at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  46. Visit 5 aquariums (1/5)
  47. Be an extra in a movie
  48. Travel by myself
  49. Play paintball
  50. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow
  51. Learn how to ballroom dance
  52. Take a self defense course
  53. Learn how to skillfully throw a knife

Non-Specified New Things to Try – (these will be all sorts of things that I never thought I would try, but have done and really enjoyed!)

  1. Top Golf


2017, 2018, 2019

  1. Own a cow
  2. Own a pig
  3. Own a gun
  4. Live on a farm
  5. Have a garden
  6. Have fruit trees
  7. Have berry bushes
  8. Have a collection of mugs hanging in a big cubed shelf on the wall
  9. Have a counter-top mixer(done! April 2018)
  10. Live in a house with a big wrap around porch
  11. Live in a house with a porch swing
  12. Have a willow tree on my property on near my house
  13. Get my doctorate
  14. Make a T-shirt blanket(I had it made for me, but I count it! April 2017)

Travel Abroad

  1. England – Big Ben and Rain Room in London
  2. France – Eiffel Tower
  3. Italy – Tuscany, Venice
  4. Nairobi – Giraffe Manor
  5. The Equator
  6. Go to at least three continents (North America, 1/3)

Travel in the US

  1. AZ, Grand Canyon
  2. CA – beach – not a specific one in mind yet!
  3. CA – Fort Bragg – Glass Beach
  4. CA – Redwood Forest
  5. CA – Sequoia National Park
  6. CA – Yosemite National Park – Horsetail Falls (in February)
  7. HI – not a specific island in mind, just anywhere there!
  8. MN – Mall of America
  9. MT – Glacier National Park – Pebble Shore Lake
  10. NV – a casino
  11. PA – Austin – Hammersley Wild Area
  12. PA – Blakeslee – Austin T Blakeslee Natural Area
  13. PA – Bloomsburg Fair
  14. PA – Dingmans Falls
  15. PA – Johnstown – Abandoned Trolley Graveyard
  16. PA – Kempton – Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  17. PA – Mt Jewett – Kinzua Bridge
  18. PA – Ohiopyle – Ohiopyle State Park
  19. PA – Philadelphia – Spruce Street Habor Park, Morris Aboretum
  20. PA – Ricketts Glenn State Park
  21. PA – Upper Black Eddy – Ringing Rocks County Park
  22. PA – Wayne – Chanticleer Garden
  23. TN – Ark and Creation Museum
  24. TX – Austin – The Oasis (restaurant)
  25. TX – Waco – visit the Gaine’s buildings
  26. UT – Zion National Park – Kanarra Creek
  27. WA – Mt Ranier National Park
  28. WA – Seattle – Gum Wall
  29. WA – Seattle – TreeHouse Point
  30. WA – Snoqualmie National Forest
  31. WY – Yellowstone National Park – Mammoth Springs
  32. Go to all three Titanic museums (Pigeon Forge, TN and Orlando, FL. just Branson, MO left 2/3)
  33. See cacti in the desert
  34. Buy the cheapest ticket at an airport and go spend the day there (option to spend the night!)
  35. Throw a dart at a map and go
  36. Be in 4 places at once
  37. Take a picture at every state’s “Welcome to ______” sign in the US
  38. Visit all 50 states for at least a day (MA, NY, PA, NJ, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, KY, OH, TX, AK) (14/50)


  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Jimmy Fallon
  3. Lebron James
  4. Rascal Flatts

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