…Of the Book Variety

It seems like every year they (I don’t know who they is, maybe it’s like the book wizards of the world….I don’t know!!) create a yearly book challenge. Then there’s monthly challenges. Weekly ones. Ones regarding the color or design of a book cover. Ones about the author. More about the title. You’ve got page length. And yet still additional challenges regarding the genre.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down….there are a lot of challenges in regards to books. (If you missed that….I’m sorry, I don’t know what more to do for you.) Usually I try and do some sort of challenge, then forget about it like a third of the way through the year. Then in the last third of the year I find my list stopped in March and I frantically fill in book titles and blanks that I can remember. Then, I look at it in disgust as I see there’s no chance in the world that I’m going to succeed and my list ends up in file 13. I just don’t read enough in a year! (sadly…)

So what I have decided to do, now that I am blog happy and have a place to share my challenges, is to create a page that I can lay out all my bookish challenges. Then, instead of limiting myself to a year, I will continually fill in the blanks over the months…or years….until I fill them all in. This way I can participate in a challenge without feeling like a bum for not completing it in the book wizard designated time frame. (Hurray!!)

In Progress Challenges

The Classics Club – 50 in 5 17/50 as of November 28, 2018

Who Wrote It? 8/16 as of November 28, 2018

A-Z Authors 17/26 as of November 28, 2018

A-Z Titles 18/26 as of November 28, 2018

Expired Challenges

2017 Top Ten Fall TBR 6/10 as of December 14th, 2017. (decided against 3. moved 1 to 2018’s list.) DONE

2017-2018 Top Ten Winter TBR 2/10 as of January 2018. (decided against 5. will read last 3 at a later date.)

2018 Top Ten Summer TBR 6/10 as of September 9, 2018 (decided against 2. will move other 2 to 2019’s list.)

2018 Top Ten Fall TBR 4/10 as of December 28, 2018 (decided against 2. will move other 4 to 2019’s list.)


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