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Wintery Canvas Paintings

I absolutely love crafting and one of my favorites is painting. It takes me into another world and I feel so posh while I’m painting canvases. A few months ago a local craft store did a buy 3, get 3 free canvases. Now. If you do anything with canvases, you understand that this is the steal of the century. I was wild with excited and motored on over! I bought a big long one (that I did my balloon dart painting on), a nine pack of small squares, and a larger squareish one. The 3 others went a friend of mine, as we went halfsies on this deal. Now these canvases below aren’t the ones I bought on this wicked sale, but I just am using this as an excuse to tell you about that delightful sale.

Anywho, the point of this post is to show you my two festive winter paintings. The penguin one was a little stressful to do as it was “human like”. I had to get it to look like a friendly animate object. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. He’s so dang cute!! Even as I went back and reread this post before it went up, I was super impressed and really proud of it.


The Joy Tree one….my only fuss is with the letters. I never paint words or letters because my handwriting is awful, ergo, my painted handwriting is going to be way worse. I used a letter template that my friend had, but made a mistake and had to paint over it. I was quite distraught over how it ended up because you can see it underneath the new letters, but I was unsure of how to fix it and ended up leaving it alone.


Do you enjoy painting or what’s your crafty outlet? Do you have anything festive you’ve created?



Cats and plants are kinda my thing. I love adventuring and exploring new places and things. I'm an artist of sorts that loves to create with my best friend. Go check out My Life Long List! :)

6 thoughts on “Wintery Canvas Paintings

  1. painting is not something I’ve ever felt confident in, but your work is really good. I need to get back into crafting I haven’t done anything crafty in a while. I have done cross stitch, sewing, and lots of other bits of this and bits of that. I even delved into digital scrap booking for a while. nothing seems to stick

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  2. Those are wonderful Abbey! I think if you fill in the stencil part of the “o” you might like it better. Just a thought. That penguin is too adorable for words, and the concept of both are fabulous. I love the sweep of the tree branches!

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