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Fantastic Bake-A-Long – Ode to Chocolate

Welcome to this month’s bake-a-long which is chocolate themed!! What a great choice, Tami! There is a group of bloggers that, every month, bakes something individually in a them and then shares the success, fail, thoughts, etc! Check out the other bloggers below who usually participate in the Fantastic Bake-A-Long that Tracy hosts!

This month is a chocolate theme, so I chose to do a recipe that I found on here from Mollie@FrugalHausFrau for Chocolate Truffles!! I’ve never made truffles before. And honestly, I didn’t think I had ever eaten them before until I read the ingredient list. They are actually really easy to make and delicious! AND you sound super fancy and high society because you’re eating truffles. La ti da.

Head to Mollie’s post about these yummy truffles to grab the recipe and directions. Seriously, it’s so simple.

So I halved the recipe, except for the chocolate which I quartered. I used milk chocolate, but I should’ve used dark. And white chocolate is the worst thing to melt. Ever. It’s just awful because it doesn’t actually melt down to a runny substance!!😤 But!! Despite that negative aspect, everything else went well!! I blitzed the Oreos in a Bullet, but I do think it would be easier in a food processor. I added the cream cheese and vanilla then blitzed it again. I rolled the mix into balls and refrigerated. Now comes the chocolate coating step. As you can see in my picture…..these aren’t winning any awards for looks! But we said, just so long they taste yummy!! Which they did! I coated them in chocolate, refrigerated them again, and drizzled (well, more like smeared) white chocolate on them.

Go take a peak at some of the other bloggers Ode to Chocolate recipes!! 🙂

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